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The e-card is not a new creation - adding a gift that can be sent by e-mail is! 

An e-card combines a beautifully made card with a gift - a text - something we customise for you to make it special and unique for the person you want to send it to. 

These gifts are classy, researched and well written by professional writers who guage the piece according to what you tell them about yourself and the person you are sending the gift too.     

The customised gift in your e-card could be:

A prayer - we draft it according to your specifications about the recipient and whatever their needs are at the time - they might be needing help with a problem, or happy that a particular situation has been resolved or anything, we tailor a special prayer for them.  Based on sound theological material.  

A meditation - same as above, including meditations for children. Based on sound theological material.  

A memory poem or story - that is soemthing very special about  someone, based on whatever memories you want to share with us and others about them  Memory poems are good for birthdays, rememberance, anniversaries, etc - classy pieces only - we don't do tacky!

A Blessing - as for the prayer and meditation - we use biblical or esoteric material to create the customisation, depending on the beliefs of the recipient and yourself of course - this is good for newly borns, marriages, engagements, celebrations, anniversaries, feasts etc Based on sound theological material.

A Good Wish - as above  

The e-gift you send is a special communication between you and the recipient - it is thoughtful, encouraging and inspiring.  And we are good at doing them! 

Commissioned stories - you can also commission a story or poem if you give us the subject...

Other stories, poems and flash fiction - we also sometimes have short stories poems, novels, flash fiction and material written by published and unpublished authors.  

Recipes - created by professional cooks for you to enjoy ... a special series to be developed next year ...


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