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Submissions in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish welcome.

This is a special project designed to raise money for the aged and infirm in Zimbabwe.  Artists and writers do get their royalties from it too, as well as having the privilege of participating in a good cause.   A story or other material is attached to a greeting card - so you are giving someone a meaningful gift that they will enjoy by e-mail!

This competition has FREE entry until 30th November 2011

We are looking for:

Short stories

  • Tasteful/witty but top quality stories - must be outrageous in some way ...
  • Stories that have an incredibly pedestrian or boring main character ... the rest is up to you!  
  • any other short stories you would like to submit ... any genre 


  • tasteful, non-violent and preferably not too dark, something you can give as a gift to someone and make their day, or that will comfort them in a dark or sorrowful time!

Novels that can be serialised

  • again, something that can be given as a gift - can be touching, true stories, anything as long as it fits in with the gift concept - all genres welcome
  • Please submit the first 30 pages of your novel

Flash Fiction - as above

Activities or games for children - as above

Creative activities or society games - as above, tasteful and appropriate material only please!

Recipes and Cooking Tips

Guided meditations


  • How to, for adults and for children  
  • Health and Sport for men, women and children
  • Mind Body and Spirit - meditations and activities, techniques especially
  • DIY tips or activities  
  • Inspirational stories or articles for adults, adolescents and children
  • Activities and Games for children
  • from 500 - 1500 words only please

Please submit:

  1. Poems up to 40 lines and stories either between 3000 - 5000, or 7000 and 10 000 words.  No word limit for serialisable novels but first 30 pages only please!  
  2. Your CV with photograph  
  3. A signed note stating that the entry is your own work
  4. A note stating your interest in the project
  5. A note about your ethics as a writer
  6. Your entry form and fee according to the schedule on the Entry Options page  

There is no deadline for this competition.

Please download the Competition Entry Form here.

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