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About Us

Delfina Barschdorf

I've done lots of different jobs, from teaching to administration, translation, writing, complimentary health practitioner, care worker, I even manufactured and marketed a line of towels once, on a small scale.  Now, I'd like to enjoy my creativity by branching into publishing. 

I have various publications dating from 1998 to the present.  My first book is in the U.S. Library of Congress.  My first play was part of a project which won two British Diversity Awards in 2005.  Some of my publications are available on the internet.

Having faced the challenge of getting published in a world where agents, consultants and middlemen have come to dominate the literary world, I decided to start a publishing project to create opportunities for the many writers and artists in the world today.

I look forward to working with you to build new avenues in publishing.

Stefanie Barschdorf

Having spent several years living in Zimbabwe, where I obtained my translator´s Diploma from the Alliance Française in 2007, I became a director of Starcrete Investments, specializing in translations mainly into German.  I speak German, English, French and Italian.

I also hold a Diploma with Distinction from the London School of Journalism and am currently studying Transcultural Communication at the Centre for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna.  I reviewed a number of publications on mind body medicine and spirituality for Findhorn Press.

Wolfram Barschdorf

The technical expert in our project, I come from an engineering background.  An award-winning automotive engineer and master mechanic, I am the project manager for Golden River Media, and try to keep Delfina real as she gets loads of ideas every day and wants to make them all come true!

I have worked for Ford, VW and for the Austrian NGO Menschen für Menschen.

We look forward to working with you!

Where does our name come from?

The Rio Douro – river of gold - runs through central-northern Spain and Portugal with an outlet at Porto (Oporto) in Portugal. Olives, wheat, almonds and grapes used to produce the famous Port wine, flourish from the waters of the Douro.

Our company name is inspired by the force of this dynamic, beautiful river.

Golden River Media (GRM) is a subsidiary company of Starcrete Investments which has been operating since 2005. Our initial activity involved teaching, translation and writing, and we have been branching out into publishing and the creation of purpose-made stationery for writers and artists. We are also building a consultancy and agency for writers and illustrators.

We are currently looking for new writers, artists, designers and illustrators, professionals from various walks of life, published, unpublished and or in-training.

Our search for fresh, new material has inspired us to launch our competitions.

Find out more and join our community.

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